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Our next Financial Literacy for Youth Seminars are scheduled as follows:-

Level 1 - February & June 2016
Level 2 - April & August 2016

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07 547 4266

 Watch this space for future SMART Education evenings

SMART Education Programmes - The Planwise Youth Trust

The Planwise Youth Trust will create opportunites for students to learn life skills through SMART education programmes.  These can be run at your organisation or at any facility that is relevant to Youth, we can even provide a venue.

SMART Education Programmes will cover the following topics:-



Safer Driving Programmes


Money Management & Financial Literacy for Lifestyle Skills


Acheiving Career Goals


Recreation Health & Fitness


Tackling the alcohol problem and other Lifestyle Skills

Here's what students and attendees from past seminars have to say.

“Very informative – just right – found everything really relevant”

(Waikato University Student)

 This was really interesting – learnt lots I didn’t know”

(College Student aged 16)

Top stuff – would like to know more about overdrafts – really enjoyed the presentation”

(College Student aged 17)

Top marks for the presentation –which was just right for me now that I am working”

(School leaver aged 20)

Really relevant – and it was really fun – especially the surprize prizes”

(College student aged 17)


It was good to learn about how to budget your money and the seminar didn’t take too long.  Glad I came was a good presentation.

(17 year old college student)

 Very Informative and easy learning for our youth


 More people need to attend these


 I wish I had more teenagers to bring! Very easy to understand for their age level. Handy info packs to reflect ad practice what has been learnt.


 What a great idea for teenagers, this should be implemented in schools. Very  informative.


 It was really good

(15 year old)

 It was good as man, I enjoyed the presentation, and it was interesting and seemed to go by very fast

(21 year old apprentice)


Watch this space for further information and upcoming S.M.A.R.T  Education Programme dates.







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