Bruce Cortesi  


Registered Financial Advisor


FSP105726 (RFA)

Mobile: 027 434 0031


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Bay of Plenty Office

Regional Chairman Bay/Waikato PAA

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Born and raised in Oratia, West Auckland, I joined the Financial Services Industry in 1996 when I moved my family to Papamoa. I started out as a Sales Officer with NZI Life, then became a Financial Advisor dealing with Prudential, Colonial, Sovereign, Fidelity Life, Tower, AIG, ING, Guardian Trust, National Bank, Sovereign Home Loans and other financial service providers.

I saw many gaps in the advice process for the public during my first three years in the industry, and started developing systems and processes that serve to assist the public in making the right choice in using the services of a Financial Advisor. These systems and processes have been a constant process of refinement. I launched Planwise Financial Services Limited in 2000, and expanded in 2008 to the PlanWise now in existence today. Our services and processes have been regarded by many as the best in the industry. It has been my aspiration to build a sustainable and unique financial services business like no other, and I will continue to develop PlanWise with the valued input from our Financial Advisors and staff.

I am a true believer that ‘life experience’ has a lot to do with maximizing the use of tools to help others in life. I have been fortunate to achieve some of my boyhood dreams and gain experiences others never would have. I have been a Locomotive Engineer, driving trains around New Zealand for 12 years. I became involved in Union affairs and headed the Locomotive Engineer's Association in Auckland throughout the changes it went through, from being run by the Government, Corporation, Private NZ Company to being owned by an overseas company. I also owned a recording studio in Auckland and have been involved in the music industry both in management and sales– (and another passion of mine) – I still enjoy pounding the keys of my piano today. Throughout this time, I was a personal trainer with Don Olivers Fitness City in Auckland. I assisted in the coaching of some elite sportspeople, from All Blacks to triathletes to name but a few. It was Don Oliver who asked me to step in full time as a Quality Control Manager for the New Lynn Branch. I remained in this role until his death when it was time for me to move on. Don Oliver was a very important person in my life, a mentor and friend.

I am  married to Anne, and have a daughter Chloe and son George. Both my children are young adults now and are making their own mark on the world.  

I am very passionate about contributing positively to the life experience of today’s youth. (see Youth Trust).....I have been a junior surf coach, soccer coach and past president of Papamoa Soccer Club, currently the President of Aquinas College Football Club. I am on the board of the Aquinas College Sports Institute, board member of the NZ Professional Advisers Association, Regional Chairman of the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Professional Advisers Association and served on the board of the Sovereign ‘Sovnet Forum’ – a feedback and development channel for Financial Advisors with Sovereign. I am a keen sports person participating in running, cycling and triathlons. I have also been teaching circuit training classes for adults. All of this has a common theme, the desire to help others. This is one of the core foundations from which PlanWise has been built. I look forward to a long and successful future for all the people I have contact with.

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