Group Insurance is making a come-back in the market place at a time when people are becoming aware of the need to protect that which is most important to them, and the right to pursue their lifestyle choice...


You choose to either embrace it, and take advantage of the benefits a Group Scheme can provide, or risk losing control of your future........

Why you should choose 'PlanWise Group Insure'

Group Insure, is the 'group business' division of PlanWise Limited.  We have access to the products and services of all major Insurance and Investment Providers in           New Zealand.

Group Insure is impartial, and we stand by our qualified recommendations because we have the professional backing that enables us to offer you the best terms and conditions available.  Using the systems developed by PlanWise Limited, ensures that we can provide you with a professionally well designed plan to meet your Business and Staffing needs - both now and in the future.

Talk to your Financial Advisor today and reap the benefits of a tailor-made Group Scheme


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