Increase your employee / member loyalty and retention.  Show a caring attitude by protecting those that are important to you.

Group Schemes tailor-made to suit your group/employment needs

What are the advantages of a Group Scheme?



  • The ability to have pre-existing health conditions automatically covered.
  • The ability to access benefits at cheaper rates and better terms than you can get as an individual.
  • Convenience of purchase and payment.
  • Portability of cover if you leave the group.
  • Dealing with a Professional group of Advisors.
  • Added financial security for families of the employee or member in the event of death, disability, or heavy medical expenses for any members of the family.
  • Only New Zealand's Leading Underwriters, with published insurance strength ratings will be considered.


  • Will increase employee/member loyalty and retention.
  • Improves staff/member morale by showing a caring attitude.
  • Can be an effective salary negotiating tool, which can help to reduce pressure on salary increases.
  • Ensure key people are protected, minimising productivity losses - particularly with group medical insurance.
  • Minimise sick leave liability - with group income protection.
  • Relieves employer of a moral obligation to give aid to families of the deceased or disabled employees.
  • Group Insurance schemes are easy to install, administer and adjust to changes.
  • Costs are moderate and can be estimated with considerable accuracy.

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