Group Insurance is making a come-back in the market place at a time when people are becoming aware of the need to protect that which is most important to them, and the right to pursue their lifestyle choice...


You choose to either embrace it, and take advantage of the benefits a Group Scheme can provide, or risk losing control of your future........


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Group Schemes...... a great way to add benefits for your staff or association!


Retain staff with great benefits - Enjoy added benefits not usually available through normal channels of insurance!

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What is a Group Scheme?

A Group Scheme is an effective means for a group of people to manage risk and achieve savings goals and receive benefits not available through the usual retail channels of insurance and investment.  Group Schemes can also offer access to many other benefits depending on the requirements and needs of the members, employees or company concerned.

In some cases pre-existing health conditions may be automatically covered.

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Who can join a Group Scheme?

A Group Scheme can cover the employee or member of the association, their spouse/partner and their children.  Other criteria may also apply depending on the needs of the group to be considered.

Compulsory or Voluntary?

A Compulsory Scheme requires a minimum of 75% of employees or members belonging to the scheme.  Such a scheme may also be partly or wholly subsidised by an employer or association.  Also requires one payment source.

A Voluntary Scheme requires a minimum of five employees or members belonging to the scheme. A single payment source is preferred but not essential.  There is no guarantee that pre-existing medical conditions will be accepted if applicable.


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