Disability/Income Protection

Claiming on these sorts of policies can be a little more involved.  In the first instance you should contact our office with details of your disablement.  We will then notify the relevant insurance company of your intention to make a claim and you will then be contacted directly by a Claims Officer from your insurance provider.  

Each company requires a certain amount of information in order to assess your Income Protection claim.


Most likely you will need:

  • A completed claims form
  • A medical report
  • Financial Information
  • Evidence of your age / identification
  • Your original policy document. 

(remember it is important to keep your policy documents in a safe place.  Policy documents vary for each individual).


Your insurance provider will verify everything you need in writing and will liaise with you directly on all matters relating to your income protection claim.  However, PlanWise will be there working very closely alongside you, ensuring that you understand every step along the way.

Contact our Claims Specialist - PlanWise will stand by you every step of the way!

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