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KiwiSaver - Category 1 Products

Planwise AFA Advisors are fully conversant with the legislation pertaining to KiwiSaver and we research the current offerings to identify those plans most suitable for you. It is important to personalise your plan rather than be satisfied with the default options provided by the IRD. Our advice is tailored to each individual situation so you can be confident that the plan we recommend for you will meet your objectives.

Automatic Allocation by IRD

If you have just started a new job and you are being automatically enrolled, you will be allocated to a default scheme via the Inland Revenue. Six financial institutions have been appointed by the government to be default scheme providers. They are AMP, ASB, AXA, ING, Mercer and Tower. However all default schemes will be a 'conservative fund'. These schemes may not necessarily be the best choice for your individual needs. This is where PlanWise comes in.

When you are allocated to a default scheme you will receive a letter from Inland Revenue advising you which scheme you have been allocated. You must read this carefully and make sure you understand all the rules, fees and terms associated with your default scheme.
Your contributions will be held by Inland Revenue for the first three months to give you time to get financial advice and choose your own scheme if you wish - it is strongly recommended that you seek independent financial advice.  Contact Us today

Choosing Your Own Scheme.

We think this is your best option!

PlanWise AFA Advisors will meet with you either on an individual or group basis. During this meeting we will help you make 3 very important decisions that will allow you to choose your KiwiSaver Scheme provider wisely.
*1. What type of Investor Personality am I?
*2. What Scheme best suits my Investment Personality?
*3. What benefits do I need to safe guard my financial future?

Based on your personal financial goals and aspirations, your Planwise AFA Financial Advisor will assist you in choosing the best KiwiSaver Scheme that will suit your needs.
Note:- All KiwiSaver Schemes provide you with the $1,000 Government Kick Start and the Government Tax Credit.

Contact us to discuss your best options.

(Please note:- only AFA Financial Advisors are able to advise you on    Category 1 Kiwisaver or Investment products).





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