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Investments - Category 1 Products


PlanWise AFA Advisors are able to offer advice on, and access to, a wide range of investments.  Any advice our AFA Advisors provide for you will be based on an analysis of your Personal Risk Profile, which is how you can be assured that any recommendations your Advisor makes will not cause you emotional stress or concern. 

Planwise AFA Advisors can assist you with KiwiSaver, Select Wealth Management, Wrap Accounts, Long term Superannuation and Savings Plans.  We can also provide opportunities for Children's Savings Plans.

Investments fall into a number of different categories and are made for a variety of purposes.  It is important that any products we recommend or that you choose, fit well with your objectives. 

We do not provide direct advice for portfolio investing or shares. Should we identify the need for portfolio investment, we will provide you with a referral to a specialist Advisor in this field.

That is why our Planwise AFA Advisors take a great deal of time to learn about and understand your personal goals and to research the wide range of products on offer to ensure they match your specific requirements. Want to learn more.....

Contact us today to discover the best way to structure your Investments.

(note:- Only AFA Financial Advisors can advise you on Category 1 Investment Products)


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